Village Roadshow Pictures is one of the world’s leading independent co-producers and co-financiers of major Hollywood studio motion pictures set for wide release.

Having released its first film with Warner Bros. in October 1998, Village Roadshow Pictures has continued to build its film library through co-financing and co-producing 70 of Village Roadshow Entertainment Group’s 74 widely released major Hollywood films.

The films in our library have achieved 24 number one Domestic box office openings and received 17 Oscar Award nominations, eight Oscar Awards and four Golden Globe Awards.

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Ocean’s 8
Ready Player One
The 15:17 to Paris
The House
King Arthur: Legend of the Sword (3D)
Going in Style
Fist Fight
Collateral Beauty
The Magnificent Seven
The Legend of Tarzan (3D)
The Brothers Grimsby
In the Heart of the Sea (3D)
Goosebumps (3D)
San Andreas (3D)
Fury Road (3D)
Jupiter Ascending (3D)
American Sniper
The Judge
The Equalizer
Into the Storm
Edge of Tomorrow (3D)
Winter’s Tale
The Lego Movie (3D)
The Great Gatsby (3D)
Gangster Squad
Dark Shadows
The Lucky One
Sherlock Holmes: A Game of Shadows
Happy Feet 2 (3D)
Life As We Know It
Legend of the Guardians (3D)
Cats & Dogs 2 (3D)
Sex and the City 2
Sherlock Holmes
Where the Wild Things Are
Gran Torino
Yes Man
Nights In Rodanthe
Get Smart
Speed Racer
I Am Legend
The Brave One
The Invasion
No Reservations
License to Wed
Ocean’s Thirteen
Lucky You
The Reaping
Music and Lyrics
Unaccompanied Minors
Happy Feet
The Lake House
Rumor Has It…
Dukes of Hazzard
Charlie and the Chocolate Factory
House of Wax
Miss Congeniality 2
Ocean’s Twelve
Taking Lives
Matrix Revolutions
Mystic River
Matrix Reloaded
Two Weeks Notice
Analyze That
Ghost Ship
Pluto Nash
Eight Legged Freaks
Queen of the Damned
The Majestic
Ocean’s Eleven
Training Day
Hearts in Atlantis
Don’t Say A Word
Cats & Dogs
Exit Wounds
See Spot Run
Down to Earth
Saving Silverman
Miss Congeniality
Red Planet
Space Cowboys
Three to Tango
Three Kings
Deep Blue Sea
The Matrix
Analyze This
Practical Magic


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