Key releases under the Village Roadshow Pictures Asia (VRPA) banner during Ms. Eliasoph’s tenure have included 2013 record breakers Stephen Chow’s “Journey to the West”(西游降魔篇),  Leste Chen’s “Say Yes!” (101次求婚), and most recently “Snow Girl and the Dark Crystal”(馗伏魔:雪妖魔灵), which released during Chinese New Year 2015. Upcoming films include “Mountain Cry” (喊山), which will soon make its worldwide debut, as well as “Hide and Seek” (捉迷藏) and “My Other Home” (纽约人在北京) both of which will begin filming in the second or third quarter of 2016.

Ms. Eliasoph became the first China-based Hollywood executive when she established Warner Bros.’ Beijing office in 1993. She imported “The Fugitive” to China as the first Hollywood revenue-sharing film. Through Warner Bros., Ms. Eliasoph arranged the China releases of the “Matrix” and “Harry Potter” franchises and managed several co-productions, including “Turn Left, Turn Right,” “The Painted Veil,” “Crazy Stone” and “Crazy Racer.” In the course of over two decades of working in China’s film industry, Ms. Eliasoph has founded the creation of the deal structures by which Sino-foreign co-productions are developed, produced and exploited. She has also pioneered the introduction to China of many of the global film industry’s proven business models and practices in the areas of film financing, production management, marketing, distribution and exhibition.

Ms. Eliasoph is a graduate of Yale College and Yale Law School, and is qualified to practice law in California.  Ms. Eliasoph first came to China in 1979 as part of the initial group of American students to study in China following normalization of diplomatic relations between the U.S. and China. She is fluent in Mandarin Chinese and Japanese.

Corporate Title:
President and Chief Executive Officer of Village Roadshow Entertainment Group Asia